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table settings for magazine editors
table settings for magazine editors

"Bokhara" draws its inspiration from the Oriental ardor for flowers as expressed in the porcelains of ancient dynasties. Its wide band of deepest blue underlies a swirling floral design, evoking visions of placid ponds surrounded by exotic gardens.

The table's far eastern theme is drawn directly from the china's pattern and dramatized even further by orchids cascading from a centerpiece fashioned from bamboo stalks on a bed of elephant-ear leaves.  The tablecloth's swirls of exotic colors and florals evoke the textiles of the orient, and replicas of China’s  black clay warriors complete the far eastern theme.

An exquisite undertone of spice adds mystique to “India.” Bands of pale saffron are tossed with blossoms, and everything is outlined with an arabesque of flowers against a dark border edged with 22K gold.

The warm saffron tone of the tableware is carried through to the coordinated table cloth and napkins. The Waterford centerpiece is filled with golden ranunculus and lilacs. The centerpiece is flanked by brass statues that reference important influences on the heritage of the sub-continent.

Each of the twelve china patterns had its own design brief, and the concept for each table was reviewed by Wedgwood’s marketing department before proceeding with execution. The initial design concept was approved for all but one table.  Wedgwood’s “Colosseum” pattern — simple white china with a lovely fluted edge — initially inspired a wedding theme, but when a marketing executive asked for more of a reference to the classical column that inspired the design, the table design was modified accordingly.  “Colosseum” was showcased on a deep purple cloth (referencing the stripe on the togas of Roman senators) and for the centerpiece we built a “ancient Roman ruin” using miniature column fragments strewn on grass.