Interior Design Solutions

Lancôme was so pleased with the day spa that we created for their product launch at Saks Fifth Avenue's flagship store in New York City that they wanted us to replicate it as closely as possible for another product launch in Neiman Marcus's flagship store in Dallas. This time the magazine partner that retained our services for the launch was Vanity Fair.

The challenges for this project were different. Neiman Marcus actually had an unused day spa that Lancôme could use for facials, so we did not need to bring in walls, carpet, and every stick of furniture as we had at Saks Fifth Avenue. But we still needed to bring in some furniture in order to make Neiman's spa look more like the one that we had created at Saks. And finding the best suppliers for linens, flowers, etc. in a strange city takes more time than being able to call upon existing business contacts (or find new ones) on your home turf.

The chest in the entryway is identical to the one we used for the day spa we created for Lancôme and Architectural Digest at Saks Fifth Avenue. Both the chest and the reception desk are topped with vases of Lancôme's signature white roses and custom-cut lucite slabs with samples of the products being featured in the launch. The back-lit wall behind the reception desk displays additional product and bottled water with the Lancôme label.