Interior Design Solutions
Images that Express a Mission

Interior Design Solutions has developed a technique called “Branding Through Interior Design”© that it uses to design interiors that are tangible expressions of the missions of our not-for-profit clients as well as the brands or our commercial clients.

One of the most fascinating projects we ever worked on was an installation for the  headquarters of the U.S. Army Space and Missile Defense Command (USASMDC).  We were honoured to be asked to visually express the mission of an organization so vital to our national defense.

The Commanding General wanted the walls of the entry, atrium, and command center to feature images that illustrated the history of space exploration and the military use of space from Leonardo Da Vinci to the current day.

The new headquarters has a 50’ high atrium with an open stairway leading from the lobby area to the command center on the second floor and a balcony overlooking the lobby.  The size and layout of this space enabled us to use to install over-sized photographs that reflect the mission of USASMDC.  We used life-size images of troops on the ground  with satellite dishes in the lobby, images of satellites on the wall going up the stairway, and photographs taken from satellites on the balcony. The focal point of the design was the first successful U.S. satellite launch. We fabricated and installed a 35’ high photograph of the Juno I rocket that carried the satellite and mounted a life-sized reproduction of the next morning’s front page of The New York Times alongside it. We suspended an actual Explorer satellite, the duplicate of the one that was launched, from the ceiling.