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Saks Fifth Avenue Day Spa - before


Saks Fifth Avenue Day Spa - after

Architectural Digest asked us to design a day spa for Lancôme in an area normally used to sell dresses at Saks Fifth Avenue's flagship store in New York City. The day spa was going to be used for facials and makeup applications in connection with a major product launch. Everything we used for the interior design  — walls, carpet, furniture and accessories — had to be easily installed and dismantled, since nothing could even be delivered to the store until the night before the product launch and everything had to be removed after three days.

Working closely with the marketing department of Lancôme and the advertising department of Architectural Digest, we created an environment that would reflect the essence of the brand image. The goal of the interior design was to engage customers and encourage them to make an emotional connection with the brand.

The print ad for the product launch was the inspiration for the design, and large-scale reproductions of the photograph from the ad flank the entry of the spa. The graceful white curves of the fabric walls echo he facial mask on the model. The color palette of white and straw helps to create a soothing oasis just steps from the escalator in a busy department store.

The existing carpet was stained and dirty, so we covered the floor throughout the day spa with a custom area rug of wool and sisal.