Interior Design Solutions



Sometimes a husband and wife have very different design aesthetics, but each of them can appreciate a style that reflects his or her own preferences. In this case, the husband preferred warmth and careful construction patina of antiques whereas the wife favored a clean, more modern style.

We suggested contemporary art furniture that combines the sleek lines of a modern style with the meticulous craftsmanship and beautiful rich woods that could appeal to an antique lover.

We created a simple, neutral background in line with the lady’s preferences but avoided the coolness and angularity that her husband found objectionable. We chose contemporary fabrics with interesting textures that appealed to her desire for a spare, clean look and his enjoyment of pattern.

Custom touches that we designed exclusively for these clients include the coffee table and wall-to-wall carpet featuring swirls of oatmeal and straw colors in an abstract design throughout the living room, hallway, and stairway. The design of the carpet is a good example of why our firm is called “Interior Design Solutions” — we excel in creative problem solving, and often addressing a client’s particular challenges stimulates our creativity. The lady wanted off-white carpeting, but her husband pointed out that it was likely to soil. Our custom design incorporates two colors — oatmeal and sand — in a swirling pattern that softens the transition between colors.  We used a higher percentage of the darker carpet in high traffic areas like the doorway and a higher percentage of the lighter carpet toward the center of the room.