Interior Design Solutions

Sometimes urban kitchens are so small that it's a challenge to just find room for the basics. The kitchen in this pied-a-terre was tiny, even by New York City standards — a mere 5' 6" by 8' - but our client wanted both a full-size range and a dishwasher.

Fortunately, our client was unusually tall, so the kitchen design solution uses the upper cabinets to their maximum advantage. We chose a refrigerator that was somewhat shorter than usual and designed an extra-deep cabinet above it to house pots and pans. Cutlery drawers (not shown) were incorporated into the upper cabinets. White cabinets and appliances and a mirrored backsplash visually expand the space, while the light wood floor adds a touch of warmth.

To increase the storage space in the small bathroom, we designed a custom cabinet to replace the built-in metal hamper often found in New York City apartments. The new cabinet is 7' high and 9" deep. The bottom functions as a hamper, and the top contains glass shelves.

Several of our designs were featured in a book called Spectacular Small Kitchens, and when the author saw this project we were invited to collaborate on writing the book.