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Small spaces New York City apartments offer a particular challenge to design professionals, and often require the most creative use of an interior designer's space planning skills. In this pied-a-terre in New York City, every inch counted.

Since the only place available for a home office in this studio apartment was in the living room, we designed a custom cabinet that would be compatible with the client’s antique furniture and completely conceal the computer and printer when they are not being used. The home office area was designed to be stylistically compatible with the Biedermeir furniture in the rest of the room. The neoclassical design and the birds-eye maple wood of the home office work beautifully with the fruitwood finishes and classical architectural elements of the antiques. The engaged columns of the lower cabinets, plain pilasters of the bookcases and large diamond patterns on the doors all make reference to the design of Biedermeir desks and cabinets. If this were a kitchen, we’d use black granite countertops and perhaps add ebonized wood accents to the cabinets.

We provided maximum workspace within a small area by having the printer and file drawer pull out from the end of the cabinet, rather than from the side facing the desk chair.