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Designed for Art living room Designed for Art living room

One of our areas of particular expertise as interior designers is creating settings that show works of art to their best advantage. This focus on objects of significance to our clients makes each interior design unique and timeless.

Our client, a single gentleman, was moving to a new apartment and was taking almost nothing with him except for his art collection. He had been collecting paintings of New York City by Derek Reist for over 20 years. The paintings became the focal point of the interior design, and the neoclassical design and the color scheme were inspired by Reist’s paintings. The original frames on the paintings did not show them to advantage, so we replaced them.  In order to emphasize that the collection was acquired over a long period of time, no two frames are exactly alike.

Since our client did not want to use any of the furniture from his former home even temporarily, we needed to furnish his new apartment with the basics very quickly. The sofa, coffee table, and side tables were all floor samples that were purchased immediately, while items less critical to our client’s immediate comfort were selected and installed in a somewhat more leisurely fashion.

An antique Georgian linen press with a broken pediment top houses the television.  Architectural objects on the tables on either side of the linen press – ochre marble obelisks and black griffin candlesticks — provide an interesting interplay between the architecture of the paintings and the architectural elements in the neoclassical furniture.

Many of the paintings in the living room depict buildings at sunset.  So we enlivened the largely neutral color scheme of the room with warm touches inspired by the paintings.  For instance, the Chinese planters on the bottom shelves of the tables pick up the orange in the paintings.