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Central Park West living room - before


Central Park West living room - after

There is a structural projection in the center of the living room on which the original owners installed a mantle in an unsuccessful attempt to create what would look like a fireplace. The whole surface of the projection was mirrored, possibly to make the room seem brighter. We felt that the idea of creating a fake fireplace to conceal the projection was a good one, although the execution was problematic.

We built out the projection to the depth of an actual fireplace and then cut into the center of the projection to create a firebox. The illusion of a working fireplace was perfected by lining the firebox with thin brick veneer, installing a marble hearth, and adding a fire screen, andirons, fireplace tools, and birch logs. We installed sconces and bookcases with lighting and painted the walls a light, sunny color to help make the room brighter.