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Central Park West


Central Park West

The interior design was made more challenging because our client wanted every room to be air-conditioned and the New York City Landmarks Commission prohibited the installation of through-the-wall air conditioners. By using a split air conditioning unit to cool the entire we were able to seamlessly integrate this modern amenity into the pre-war apartment without blocking the views, lowering the ceilings or violating the regulations of the Landmarks Commission.

By carefully locating all ductwork along the walls, rather than in the ceilings, we were able to maintain the original gracious ceiling height. Only the secondary hallways, the bathrooms and the kitchen have dropped ceilings to accommodate ductwork. For example, the register over the doorway in this hallway above is the only visual evidence that the area is air conditioned.

The entry hall and the living room were both originally very dark, even though there is a solarium adjacent to the living room. Replacing the original door between the living room and solarium with a wide archway made both the living room and the entry hall brighter and sunnier.

The photographs above have slightly different vantage points. One was taken from the top of the steps leading into the living room, and the other one shows more of the entry hall.