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Central Park West


Central Park West

As the renovation of this New York City apartment on Central Park West demonstrates, interior design is much more than just decoration. Interior Design Solutions specializes in uncovering the hidden potential of older homes that are in less than mint condition, incorporating all of the comforts and amenities of a modern lifestyle while preserving and enhancing their gracious character.

For instance, in this project our client wanted amenities like central air conditioning but favored the timeless, classic elegance of Georgian design. He wanted his home to be as light and bright as possible, while retaining a traditional layout. He also viewed the apartment as an investment, because he planned to get married, start a family and move to the suburbs in a few years. He bought the apartment for a considerable amount below the going market rate and got the top price for a comparable apartment when he sold it.

The original apartment looked dark and dreary, despite the fact that it had a solarium. We were able to completely transform the look and feel of the apartment by opening up the principal rooms to the solarium.

The only window in the original master bedroom faced north and looked directly at another building. We replaced the wall between the solarium and the bedroom and installed custom-made oversized french doors. The master bedroom now has beautiful views of Central Park and is flooded with light. We installed electronic controls for the draperies that cover the doors so that our client can use a remote control to open or close the draperies without getting out of bed.