Interior Design Solutions
international logistics company floorlplan

A major international logistics company decided to consolidate their headquarters office for the Americas and their production facility for the northeastern United States in a single 45,000 square foot building. Interior Design Solutions designed the 15,000 square foot headquarters office and the 30,000 square foot production facility. Only the office space is shown above.

This project was particularly challenging because of its extremely short time frame and tight budget. The lease for the new space could not be signed until three months before the lease for the old headquarters office would expire, and the existing lease could not be extended if needed. All of the systems furniture that the client owned needed to be replaced, since a recent directive from international headquarters prohibited private offices for middle management (all of whom occupied private offices in the Americas subsidiary) and reconfiguring and expanding the existing systems furniture to accommodate the additional requirements was not feasible.

Shared facilities such as the lunchroom and the offices of executives like the director of personnel and the vice president of production, who frequently meet with production workers, are positioned for equally easy access from the headquarters and production areas.

To complete the project on time and within budget we used refurbished systems furniture, all of the client’s chairs and as much of the client’s freestanding furniture as possible. In addition to saving time and quite a bit of money, repurposing used furniture is much “greener” than buying new furniture.