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Lounge Seating in Dean's Office


Lounge Seating in Dean's Office

Office of the Dean

The interior design of the Office of the Dean of Albert Einstein College of Medicine included renovation and decoration of the Dean’s private office, new furnishings for the elevator lounge and other common areas, and replacing the carpet throughout a floor that was fully occupied. The client requested a warmer, more cheerful look, but color choices had to be compatible with existing grey systems furniture that was not being replaced.

Poor lighting, dark wood paneling, grey carpet, and deep blue and maroon fabrics made the original Dean’s office appear darker than it actually was. We removed the paneling and created three distinct zones — desk, conference, and lounge seating. Each zone has independent lighting, and all of the fixtures are on dimmers for added flexibility. A warm color palette of brown and gold, the addition of table lamps, and a tiered coffee table holding books all make the space look more cheerful and inviting.