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Interior Design Solutions Art for Cafeteria Lounge

The cafeteria at Albert Einstein College of Medicine gets considerable more use than a similar space for a business or another not-for-profit institution, because the storage and consumption of food in laboratory buildings (including those with classroom laboratories) is prohibited by the Federal Government.  

The client wanted part of the cafeteria to function as an informal lounge, providing a comfortable place for colleagues to confer over a cup of coffee. Interior Design Solutions added large round wooden occasional tables, topped with solid surface material to prevent stains and scratches.  High-top tables and bar stools were added at the opposite end of the room to add variety to the dining area.

Since this room had been completed shortly before this project was begun, everything had to be compatible with the existing furnishings and finishes.  New wall covering and the installation of nicely framed art prints help to brighten and soften the overall look of the space.