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The International Longshoremen’s Association Pension Fund and Local 1964 had outgrown their existing office space when a nearby building formerly housing a printing factory became available. The building afforded ample room for the administrative offices, on-site storage, and future expansion, but was basically one large raw space.

The office design involved converting 14,000 square feet of factory space into 10,000 square feet office space and 4,000 square feet of warehouse space. Interior Design Solutions provided space planning services and lighting design, as well as specifying all furniture, fixtures, and finishes. We collaborated with a local architect who designed structural elements including provision for an elevator and ramp for ADA compliance, reviewed and filed the job, and oversaw construction.

The conference room doubles as a training facility, so our interior design enables it to be easily reconfigured as a classroom as necessary. What appears to be a single large table is actually six smaller ones ganged together and locked in place for stability.

Large black-and-white photographs throughout the offices highlight the history of the organization, including early depictions of dockworkers unloading ships and photographs of the first union meetings.