Interior Design Solutions


cafeteria - before


cafeteria - after

Our client asked that we create a comfortable and attractive lounge in one section of a large room that was originally designed for dining. The interior design needed to be flexible, dividing the room into two distinct areas while retaining the capacity to accommodate large meetings occasionally. One thing not apparent from the “before” photograph is that the fabric on the banquettes was very worn and the stuffing was coming out.

The banquettes were removed and the wainscot and baseboard used in the rest of the room was extended into this area. The lounge area was divided into three main seating areas, each of which is anchored by a custom-designed area rug. The furniture can be easily rearranged to accommodate larger groups or other functions, and alternate floor plans for large meetings were provided to the client.

A particular interior design challenge was dealing with a tall pipe next to the radiator at the end of the room. In the “before” photograph, the pipe was concealed by a tall radiator cover that blocked light from and access to the windows. The new radiator cover is below sill height, except for the corner with the pipe. Windows are now accessible and the room is brighter during the day. The higher part of the enclosure is used as a pedestal for a vase filled with yellow silk orchids.