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Lounge 3 great room

This room was featured in a book called Brunschwig & Fils Up Close, which also included luxurious and prestigious interiors designed for the White House, Versailles, and the Ritz Carlton Hotel. Having this college lounge included with such noteworthy properties was particularly flattering because interior design for higher education means working with much tighter schedules and more restrictive budgets than most other types of design.

The chairman of the board of this women’s college said, “The interior design of the lounge should be a tangible expression of how much we care about our students’ happiness and comfort.” Interior Design  Solutions was asked to create a warm and welcoming environment that would make the students feel at home, yet be beautiful and elegant enough to appeal to the sophisticated tastes of a potential donor. All interior design for higher education has to comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act, local fire codes, and other legal requirements. And the project also had to meet the strict institutional guidelines for value engineering, durability and ease of maintenance of the large university of which the women’s college is a part.

Interior design for higher education, especially for a college in New York City that has no real campus, should provide a home-away-from-home for the students and reinforce their sense of place. This lounge is designed to encourage study, recreation and informal get-togethers in a relaxed environment. The flexible design includes multiple seating areas that can be supplemented as needed with pull-up chairs.

The theme of the lounge was inspired by a flower garden adjacent to the room. Consequently, the fabrics, carpet, artwork and accessories all reflect a botanical theme.