Interior Design Solutions


official residence - before


official residence - after

Interior Design Solutions' design for the President’s Residence for a major New York City University included public and private spaces.  The public spaces had to comfortably accommodate both intimate gatherings and large crowds, and the private area had to meet the needs of a family with six children and a lot of friends.

Limited access to the clients presented a particular challenge. The incoming president and his family were relocating to New York, neither he nor his wife had much time to spare prior to the move, and the house had to be ready for entertaining when they arrived at the beginning of the school year. Careful organization and communication and extensive use of the internet as a presentation tool enabled us to furnish the house to their complete satisfaction with only twelve hours of face time.

The president's wife requested that we lighten up the Tudor-style interiors.  Painting the dark brown woodwork would be inadvisable, since even small chips or scratches would be very noticeable.  So we used off-white needlepoint area rugs and a soft color pallete of rose, gold and green.