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contemporary lobby


contemporary lobby

This area is used by students waiting for the shuttle bus to the university’s uptown campus as well as by dormitory residents and their guests. So it needed to be even more flexible and easier to maintain than other college lounges that we designed.

The room, in a 1960's era building, had no architectural detailing that would suggest a particular interior design style, so we were able to use more contemporary furniture than in some of the other rooms designed for this client.

What was originally a dark and dreary room was made lighter and brighter with new flooring, lighting, cabinets, wall coverings and furniture. While the basic configuration of the space remained the same, some walls were furred out for cosmetic reasons.

The sofas and lounge chairs are covered in Crypton, an extremely durable and stain-resistant fabric originally designed for health care projects. Table tops are laminate. The floors are easily mopped PVC-free vinyl, laid on the diagonal for visual interest. The small stools on wheels are easy for students to move without scratching the floor and are covered with easily-cleaned faux leather.

Since the only windows in the room face directly onto one of the busiest cross-town streets in New York City, preserving privacy, maximizing access to natural light and providing at least a bit of a view was particularly challenging. Translucent honeycomb shades that operate from the bottom up are always left in a partially closed position, with the open area above the heads of passing pedestrians.